Maxxi Premium Responsive

Maxxi Premium Responsive Blogger Template
Maxxi is beautyful premium responsive blogger template layout with many future. It's 3 columns and 3 columns footer with 2 right sidebar the color is black, white and blue with 2 top navigation menu, social media icon, tab widget siderbar, JSON search result, emoticon and more. Color Available (Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Turquoise) See ScreenShot Here
Template author:
MKR / http://www.ivythemes.com
MKR / http://www.ivythemes.com
Maxxi Premium Responsive Blogger Template Poster
  1. Responsive blogger template
  2. JSON Search Result with jQuery Ajax
  3. AutoSlider (skitter slideshow). The article appears to be set. Random Articles, Recent Articles, Random Articles by tag / label, or that recent article by tag / label
  4. Custom CSS lightbox blogger.
  5. Tab Widget in the sidebar with animated effects on a high
  6. 2 types of view. list and grid with reminder session (cookies) ~ (default list)
  7. Related post with jQuery Ajax
  8. Emoticon on thread comment area
  9. SEO Optimization (schema.org)
  10. Custom CSS Thread Comments
  11. Recent posts and Recent Comments with jQuery Ajax
  12. Pagination
  13. Auto Readmore
  14. Social Icon in the Menu
  15. Support modern browser IE9, Mozilla, Chrome
  16. There are 5 color options are Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Turquoise.
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Maxxi Premium Responsive is a free blog template with type :
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  • Maxxi Premium Responsive Blogger Template
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